What to Expect

Dress Code

We don't dress up at Healing the Nations  Church we are a come as you are church, no need to dress up. Most people wear jeans and pull over shirts like you would if you we're lounging at home. It's our goal to make Healing the Nations Church look and feel like a home we're you can connect with God and the His Family.


What does it feel like?

Healing the Nations is a small fellowship therefore it has a homey feeling just if you we're come into someone's home, "warm and inviting". The people are warm, loving, and hospitable and love to have guest drop by and take part in our services.


What about my children?

We have a nursery with loving childcare providers that care for your children's physical needs as well as their spiritual needs. Nurse opens on Saturday nights and 6:30 p.m. and close after the service.



This time is set aside for communicating with God from our hearts.  We have a live prophetic worship team with an upbeat worship style with guitars, drums -the works, as well as more intimate songs of worship.  Our worship is somewhat unique as it uses contemporary worship as well as inspired worship as the Holy Spirit moves upon the worship team into more intimate worship. Everyone worships in their own unique way - for many, that mean singing & clapping, and for others it means quietly reflecting on the words.  You're welcome to do whatever makes you feel most comfortable.



Each week there is a time to worship God through the giving of tithes and offerings.  As a guest, please do not feel any pressure to give.  This is an act of worship for our regular attainders, allowing them to thank God for all of the great work he is doing in their lives.  It also gives Healing the Nations Church the means to reach more people for Christ in the future.


The message (sermon)

Every weekend, you will hear a relevant, straightforward message that is based on Scripture and is designed to be helpful in your everyday life.  We trust that these messages will help you develop a growing, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and provide a strong biblical foundation for your life.



Arrive earl and spend sometime in our fellowship hall with a warm beverage and sometimes homemade sweets. Get to know some of our regular attendees and some of our leaders by hanging out and connecting.

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