Like the weekly Sabbath and the annual Feasts of the Lord, which  provide an opportunity for spiritual growth and nourishment, God  designed the observance of the first day of each  new  lunar month as part of His plan for the spiritual nourishment  of  His  people. The New Moon, which is a sign that a new lunar month has begun, was observed by God's people during  the Old Testament times and the apostolic times. From the many scriptures that refer to the New Moon observance in the Old Testament, there can be no doubt that the observance of the first day of each sacred month was an essential  and basic part of the worship system that God gave to Israel. Want to learn more about this special time of the month, as well as celebrate and pray into the new month on God’s calendar?

The next meeting will be held

Sunday, Jan. 14,

to welcome the new month of Shevat.

Please check the calendar on this website for the date and additional information on the meeting.


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