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Join us for Movie Night at Healing the Nations on the second Friday of each month. We set up our sanctuary like a movie theater and use our big screen projections and pro-sound system.We begin at 7. Food and drinks are served prior to the movie. Come join us for the fun and fellowship.

This month's movie is "Unconditional."


“Unconditional” is a 2012 biography drama film written and directed by Brent McCorkle and inspired by true events. The film is based on the actual story of Joe Bradford, who grew up in a rural area of Tennessee. When he developed kidney disease, Joe and his wife Denise were forced to move to a low-income area of  Nashville. When they arrived, they were confronted by the needs of the underprivileged children in their neighborhood. Joe and Denise began to reach out to them and also started directing a choir of inner-city children. Many of the fatherless children embraced Joe, who became known as "Papa Joe." Together with his wife, he founded Elijah's Heart, a non-profit organization, in 2005 to help children in need. Synopsis of the movie: Samantha Crawford lives a dream life. She is happily married on a ranch where she keeps her beloved horse, and the stories she's told and illustrated since childhood have become published books. When her husband Billy is tragically killed, Sam loses her faith and will to live. A death-defying encounter with two children leads to a reunion with Joe, her oldest friend. As Sam watches "Papa" Joe care for and love the kids in his under-resourced neighborhood, she begins to believe that the love of God is always reaching out to her. The film has received an outstanding reception by Christian leaders and film critics. Russ Breimeier of Christianity Today said, "Unconditional sets itself apart with quality filmmaking and redemptive storytelling delivered with authenticity." Ted Baehr of Movieguide called the film "wholesome" and "redemptive", praising the film as "a beautifully made movie with a captivating, inspiring story." The Dove Foundation offers this review: This movie will inspire you to walk on the clouds! That’s really the theme as Samantha Crawford is reminded of the book she once told her husband she wanted to write. A story about a little bird that encountered the storms of life but by walking on the clouds learned that the sun still shines above the clouds. This movie touches the emotions, lifts the spirits, and speaks to everyone who is going through the “storms of life”. We recommend this movie for ages 12+, due to a few sophisticated themes and moments of violence. But the film’s remarkable message of hope is inspiring.

Movies we have seen:

  1. March 2016 - "Son of God"
  2. April 2016 - "Woodlawn"
  3. June 2016 - "Risen"
  4. August 2016 - "Mom's Night Out"
  5. September 2016 - "Miracles from Heaven"
  6. October 2016 - "Do You Believe?"
  7. November 2016 - "Time Changer"
  8. December 2016 - "What If?"
  9. January 2017 - "King's Faith"
  10. February 2017 - "Letters to God"
  11. March 2017 - "One Night with the King"
  12. April 2017 - "Ben Hur"

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